How to Properly Deep Clean Your Home

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While deep cleaning is best done during the spring, there’s no stopping you from cleaning your home at any time that you want. To make housecleaning a whole lot easier for you, below are some tips that you can follow.

By following these tips, you can deep clean your home in the least possible effort required. If you need help with home cleaning services Eugene, there are experts near you who are always ready to assist you. Here is how you should clean:

1. Cabinets

The contents of your cabinets can build-up over time. You have to clear out all the contents of the cabinet so you can clean it from the inside and out. Use a cleaner that is right for the material of the cabinet.

2. Windows

You can do more than just wiping your windows. You also have to make sure that there aren’t any smudges or spots in any part of your window. Use a glass cleaner on your window when its cloudy outside as the sun tends to dry up the cleaning solution before it does its job.

3. Countertops

Countertops are prone to staining so it has to be sealed from the time that they are installed. It might be necessary to reseal your countertops every year to make sure that the surfaces are duly protected. Always wipe your countertops, especially if accidental spins happen.

4. Wood Floors

Try not to mop wooden floors weekly, as doing so may damage the surface. Instead, wet-clean your wood floors monthly. Sweeping daily is necessary, and use cleaner sprays when there are spots. Protect your floors by putting furniture protectors or trivets. Make sure you use trivets or saucers.

5. Bedding

Be sure that your linens are always fresh and clean. It’s highly recommended that you wash them once every two weeks. As for pillows and comforters, it is quite possible to wash them up to three times every year. Just make sure that you read the manufacturer’s washing instructions.

6. Stainless Steel

Cleaning stainless steel is necessary to keep it bright and sparkling. Clean the metal parts of your home, including silverware, using the appropriate metal cleaning solution. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Just make sure that you don’t use too much of the solution as that would leave surfaces grimy.

7. Tiles

Use a tile cleaner with a neutral pH solution. It’s also possible to mix water and baking soda for cleaning. If the issue with the tile or grout isn’t resolved using commercial cleaners, call in the professionals.

8. Refrigerator

Refrigerators also get dirty, especially on the inside. Clean it by removing all the contents of your refrigerator and disposing of all soiled items. Remove the interior shelving as well and use warm water and soap for washing. Use a sponge to wipe down all the surfaces inside the refrigerator.

9. Area Rugs

Area rugs need not be cleaned every day. Annual cleaning is usually enough, longer if it’s not getting a lot of traffic. Try not to over-clean your area rugs as that contributes to its wear and tear. Treat stains using club soda, but sure to act as soon as possible.

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