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Best Option for a Slip-Resistant Pool Deck 

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 A lot of people are always assuming that stamped concrete can be a very slippery material when in fact it actually depends on the sealer to coat if the surface would be slippery or not.  


Stamped concrete is almost very similar to normal concrete if we’re talking about texture. The only difference is that the other one is stamped with decorative design while the other is not, without a sealer, both of them would have a semi-smooth texture just like any concrete. Here are one of the best options you can pitch in as an idea with your contractor for a non-slippery pool deck.  

Do not let your contractor over-seal 

Loss of traction could mean that the area is over-sealed. While a lot of homeowners want a shiny slick finish, this is not the most practical way to go for pool decks. Pool decks will be interacting with water from the pool and if the traction is low due to over sealing then it would mean that anyone is at risk when rising out from the pool to a slip and slide. Don’t risk it.  

Over sealing can also make the concrete non -permeable. If this is the case, the sealer will either haze or whiten. This is because the moisture inside of the concrete trying to evaporate is being trapped by the seal. If the seal is thin then the moisture can still evaporate freely. Also, to add more of an aesthetic feature, if the seal is thin it looks like a matte finish in contrast to making it shiny and looks like its covered with resin. An overly shiny sealed surface is termed “Blushing”.  


Recommend to add a nonskid additive to the sealer 

Another way of making the stamped concrete or decorative concrete are less slick and more resistant to slipping and sliding when wet is to add a non-skid formula as an additive to the sealer. Skid resistant additives are usually grainy or gritty materials that absorb moisture or easily dries out. Some examples of these materials are sand, silica sand, glass beads, polymer beads and others. There’s another additive called Shark Grip additive that makes the sealer look like very fine sand paper. 


With the ideas above, you can already put your mind at ease that your contractor can surely make your pool deck a safe place where your kids can hang out without the risks of slip and slides, injuries and falls. You will need to hire a contractor specialized in stamped concrete that can visualize the aesthetic and also lookout for the safety of your pool users. Located in San Jose California are Stamped Concrete Contractors that can give you and your clients a reasonable estimate at a great price all the while building pool deck that is of quality and noted with the safety precautions suggested above.  


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